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  • Press assembly tech
  • Visual Technology
  • Robort Technology
    Smart Factory for Non-standard Equipment
  • Profession,Concentration,Exercise inventive mind(专业 专注 匠心传承) Our management principle is: dedicate in none-standard automatic equipment, never give up” We always think what the clients think and assure error-free designing, fault-free system,7x12hours after sale service. Our equipment and spare parts have been used in many fields, such as automobile, electronic, breeding industry and daily necessities etc.. We have won high reputation among all the clients because of good quality and service, each of them value the  long -last business relation with us.
  • Smart, Precision, Stay True To The Mission(智能 精密 不忘初心) We also get good result in the researching of visual system, robotology, and press assembly technology.The main famous enterprise include PANASONIC、 DENSO、DE Laval 、TOYOTA 、DANAHER etc.have ordered much equipments from us and We have won high reputation among all the clients because of good quality and service, many of them have built long -last business relation with us.
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